The American Time Companies

    This year, as we celebrate our 31st anniversary, it is most gratifying and exciting to reflect back on all we have accomplished over the past quarter century, plus. The year 1990 is significant in that it marks the modest beginnings for The American Time Companies union made watches.

  Our first order crafted, called for 50 custom dialed union made, convention watches. In this fiercely competitive marketplace, we have become successful. Our success is a result of our exceptional high quality, outstanding design capability, rapid delivery, new product ideas, and most importantly our excellent customer service! The result! Since 1990 American Time Companies have produced over 500,000 customized, 100% union made watches. Most importantly our reputation and sales success would not be possible without you, our customers, and we thank you for your continued loyal and enthusiastic support of The American Time Companies!

Fraternally Yours,

Clifford W. Charlson

The Best is Yet to Come!